Thursday, December 3, 2009

Are we doing enough?

I got to thinking the other day about how much I give compared to how much I do for others? It's easy to write a check and give to a worthwhile cause and many of us have no problem giving to causes all over the world...but what are we doing right here in our own communities? Not, what is our money doing, but what are WE doing?

Are we going to visit the shut-ins, injured or sick? Are we taking food to the hungry? Are we giving money to those who are on their last dollar and don't know where the mortgage, rent or utility money is coming from? Are we helping a family who can't afford to fix their roof?

Most of us can afford to go buy an extra loaf of bread or gallon of milk for a family that can't afford it. Most of us could afford an hour to go visit someone who can't leave their houses for whatever reason. Most of us can afford to go without a few cups of Starbucks to give an extra ten bucks to someone we know who is currently down on their luck. Most of us could give a few hours to swing a hammer or turn a wrench. But are we?

I think that answer is no. I think we get caught up in our own problems, in our own needs and we as a society have forgotten that God commanded us to love one another. I think it's easy to write a check and let it become other peoples' problem. I think we've become accustom to letting the government help them. Why do we think its the governments problem? Why do we think it is not our responsibility?

Aren't all people God's children? Shouldn't we be doing for them what we would do if Jesus was walking among us?

That's my thought for today.

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